Forged in Fire™ Cookware 50 Year Warranty

Forged in Fire Cookware warrants that, for up to 50 years after purchase, if used as instructed, will not have any deformities in material or construction. If at any point within 50 years after purchase, should any defects develop that are a result of faulty workmanship or materials, Forged in Fire Cookware will replace the Forged in Fire Cookware product.

This 50 year warranty does not provide coverage for damage to Forged in Fire Cookware that is a result of abuse, mistreatment, accidental damage, or heating beyond temperatures stated in the Forged in Fire Cookware instructions. This warranty does not apply to minor cosmetic scratches as long as it does not significantly affect the performance of the Forged in Fire Cookware. Any deterioration in the appearance that is a result of everyday use, does not constitute a defect under this warranty.

For questions regarding your Forged in Fire Cookware call the Forged in Fire Cookware Customer Service Department at 800-300-3465. To obtain a replacement, send the product, your name, address, phone number, email, issue or deformity of your Forged in Fire Cookware, and $9.95 for Processing and Handling (by check or money order) to Forged in Fire Cookware, 12 Sibley Road Weston, MA 02492. Forged in Fire Cookware is not responsible for products lost or damaged in transit.

Warning California Residents:

California Proposition 65 program publishes a list of more than 850 chemicals which could be harmful. In August 2016, OEHHA adopted new regulations, effective on August 30, 2018, which change the information required in Proposition 65 warnings to contain a warning against PFOA.

Born of the Forge with a Heart of Steel and Fire

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